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Where To Go​?

The medical diagnosis of a patient with sleep apnea should be made by a pulmonologist or neurophysiologist who should be consulted at an early stage.

It is also possible to reach this diagnosis through cases of detection of patients referred by doctors in General Medicine and Dentistry.

Our sleep unit consists of a team of doctors from different specialties, including pulmonologists, neurophysiologists, ENT, etc. who focus on studying and treating sleep disorders with specialized tools and means.

Should I Be Worried?​

According to the latest studies, in Spain there are about 7 million people suffering from sleep apnea, of which only 1,500,000 are being treated with CPAP. The rest is made up of the almost 5.5 million people who are undiagnosed.

Among them, 5% use the Mandibular Advancement Device as a treatment and many thousands of people have failed to adapt to the use of CPAP and are therefore untreated.

Protocol For the Detection and Treatment of OSAHS


General Practitioner


Sleep Unit




Sleep Unit

What tests can I take?

Always through a medical prescription, the detection that will lead to the diagnosis of apnea requires a sleep study that will measure the cycles and stages of sleep according to certain parameters. The study can be carried out by means of two tests:


Cardiorespiratory Polygraph is the alternative test to Polysomnography. A polygraph measures five different variables during the monitoring of cardiorespiratory functions.

How Cardiorespiratory Polygraph works

Unlike polysomnography, cardiorespiratory polygraph requires equipment that is easily transportable, so this test can be performed both in a Sleep Center and at the patient’s home.


It is one of the tests recommended by specialists to detect and diagnose sleep-disordered breathing.

How Polysomnography Works

Polysomnography records a person’s body functions during sleep to ensure that they develop as they should. With this study, interesting metrics are obtained, such as the time it takes the patient to fall asleep and the time it takes to go through the different phases of sleep. The medical technicians assisting the patient are responsible for collecting the data necessary to prepare a report on variations in vital functions as well as the number of times that an apnea has occurred.

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