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30 Second Self Assessment

Answer a few quick questions to see if The Sleep Protection Aligners are right for you!

Take our simple test to determine if you are suffering from snoring or other sleep disorders and find out if The Sleep Protection can help you.

This “Self-Assessment Form” is an interactive eight-step questionnaire designed to guide you through a quick and personalized evaluation process. By answering a series of targeted questions, you can determine whether you require aligners for addressing teeth grinding or related concerns. This intuitive tool offers a streamlined way for you to assess your needs and potential suitability for the offered solutions.
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Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

A person who has long suffered from sleep apnea begins to experience a number of symptoms related to this sleep breathing disorder. It is not immediate, but usually occurs gradually. You may have been suffering for months, even years, from the consequences of having sleep apnea and not be aware of it.

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